TG Request 1: Jennifer Sheers


G Request 1: Jennifer Sheers

I’ve decided to open up the blog to cap requests. So if you would like me to do a TG Caption just for you there are a few things I need from you. First I will need you to give me a male and female name to use. The female name you give me will be the female name of the man that gets transformed in the cap plus it will be the name that goes in the top left corner of the cap. If you would like you can also tell me what kind of transformation you are looking for or even a general idea of what you want in the cap. All of these special caps will be done in an orange background. Above is the end result of the cap you will receive, I did this one for Jennifer Sheers a couple months ago. So feel free to send me an email at or just leave a request in the comments below! Thanks everyone for reading and I hope to fulfill some cap requests for you!

TG Cap 37: Identity Theft


TG Cap 37: Identity Theft

Sorry everyone for not posting in the last couple weeks. Been on vacation and had a really good time. Enjoy the caption! 🙂